About Stellar Woods
Fourteen year old Tom, and his thirteen year old sister Katie, leave their lifelong friends and move to a new city with worries about loneliness and boredom.   But just before Tom and Katie leave town, a friend hands them two strange gifts.  An apparently ordinary pair of rocks taken from an area where they often hiked and climbed together, these gifts turn out to have perplexing and powerful properties.  The rocks ultimately play a key role in helping the teenagers resolve worries and restore self-confidence as they fall into an adventure that begins in a densely wooded forest behind their new house.  
Following a trail into the forest locally known as Stellar Woods, Tom and Katie stumble across an old and partially buried brass plaque, etched with a cryptic poem that compels them to explore the forest for clues to the meaning of the words. They get help and encouragement from an unlikely new friend -- a retired astronomer and reclusive university professor who lives in Stellar Woods.  But even the professor cannot explain a bizarre phenomenon in the forest that ultimately leads the teenagers into both danger and fulfillment.
Climbing the Flatirons
The Stellar Woods Trilogy